About Doc Lounge

Doc Lounge specialises in events, outreach and distribution of new Nordic and international documentaries. We organize premieres and preview events including music, talks, performances and director Q&As. In addition we continuously work with a wide range of development projects to innovate documentary distribution and the film screening experience.

Our head office is based in Malmö, Sweden, and we operate with Doc Lounge Clubs in selected cities all across Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

The Doc Lounge event

Doc Lounge's core activity is the events - both regular-, public- and corporate events. The public events are held at Doc Lounge club's all across the Doc Lounge network. The coroporate events are tailor made for companies, municipalities, universities, and conferences.


Doc Lounge is a non-profit organization with an experienced and well-connected board, with a range of strengths across film production and distribution, cultural policy, law, creative industries and innovation.

Doc Lounge Network (Föreningen Doc Lounge) is a membership organization. 


Doc Lounge strives to continously work with exciting development projects in areas connected to documentary distribution, to constantly innovate the screening format and offer new audience experiences. Find out more.