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We love to share the experience of watching and talking about documentaries together. 


Doc Lounge specializes in events, outreach and distribution of new Nordic and international documentaries. We organize premieres and preview events including music, talks, performances and director Q&As. In addition we continuously work with a wide range of development projects to innovate documentary distribution and the film screening experience.
The Doc Lounge experience.

Our head office is based in Malmö, Sweden, and currently operate with Doc Lounge Clubs in selected cities all across Sweden and Finland. Please contact us to start a Doc Lounge club in your own city.

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Doc Lounge Clubs

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Malmö, Göteborg, Lund, Helsingborg, Varberg, Umeå & Östersund 



Joensuu, Turku, Tampere, Oulu & Espoo



We keep curious of how to evolve, develop and innovate ourselves and the industry. Through experiments and projects we can all discover new ways to hold events outreach and marketing.


Doc Lounge’s core activity is the events. Both regular-, public- and corporate. The public events are held at Doc Lounge club’s all across the Doc Lounge network. The corporate events are tailor made for all kinds of organisations. 


Doc Lounge is a non-profit organization with an experienced and well-connected board. with a range of strengths across film production and distribution, cultural policy,  creative industries and innovation. Doc Lounge is run by the headquarters located in Malmö, Sweden. 

Doc Lounge (Föreningen Doc Lounge) is a membership organization.

Jävla Pappa
Girl Gang
the thief collector
Scab Vendor
The Bankers Trial
Lost souls of syria
Black Angels
Touching Freedom
Come Back Anytime
The Territory
Nothing Lasts Forever
Fördom och stolthet
Nelly & Nadine
Taming The Garden
Returning to Reims
Captains of Zaatari
Our memory belongs to us
Three Strangers
Kören – en film om Tensta Gospel Choir
White Cube
Raising A School Shooter
Trust me
Forget Me Not
A Song Called Hate
Once Upon A Time In Venezuela
The Jump
For Somebody Else
The Jump
Lessons of Love
Maddy The Model
Only the Devil Lives Without Hope
One Child Nation
Rudeboy – The Story Of Trojan Records
The Cave
The Kingmaker
XY Chelsea
Before Father Gets Back
Praying For Armageddon
Children Of The Mist
Puss Hejdå
Miraklet i Gullspång
Apolonia Apolonia
While We Watched
La Singla
A Tiger In Paradise
All That Breathes
Beyond Utopia
High & Low – John Galliano
Made to Measure

The Doc Lounge Story

The first Doc Lounge club was created in 2006 in Malmö, Sweden, by filmmaker Fredrik Gertten and music club promoter Gudrun Hauksdottir. The vision was to be an alternative distribution network for documentaries and a more satisfying and exciting experience for both filmmakers and audiences. It was an immediate hit and the concept quickly took off.

Doc Lounge evolved into a network across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, screening previews and premieres of the best new documentaries. Featuring everything from insightful Q&As with directors, to live music from the best new bands, to parties, bike races, comedy acts, food and drink, photography, art exhibitions, dance performances and much more.

Doc Lounge now specialises in distribution, events and outreach of new Nordic and international documentaries. In addition Doc Lounge continuously work with a wide range of development projects to innovate documentary distribution and the experience of film screenings.

Funders & Partners

18 Years

-1 Locations

550 Films

1200 Screenings

100000 Visitors