Children Of The Mist

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Di is a 12-year-old girl living in a village lost in the mist of Northwest Vietnamese mountains. Shebelongs to the Hmong ethnic minority where women get married very young, enduring the controversialtraditionof “bride-kidnapping”.When Di enters puberty, her personality has changed drastically. The carefree little girl has turned into an impetuous, hypersensitive teenager constantly arguing with her mother who is trying to keep her away from reckless relationships that she is not mature enough to handle.On the Lunar New Year’s Eve, when Di’s parents come back home after celebrating, the house is silent: Di has disappeared.


  • Original titleChildren Of The Mist
  • DirectorsHa Le Diem
  • CountryVietnam
  • Year2021
  • Time92 Minutes
  • TopicSocial Issue


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