Praying For Armageddon

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Praying for Armageddon is a political thriller that reveals the power and influence of U.S. fundamentalist Evangelicals, as they aim to fulfill the Armageddon prophecy. With close quarters journalism, this feature documentary embeds with American believers who prepare for The Holy war and exposes how powerful megachurch pastors call for the ‘final battle’ that they believe will trigger the Second Coming of Christ. A deep dive into power and policy, this film unveils how politicians driven by faith embrace Israel as the key to their prophetic vision for the end of days. At any cost.


Praying for Armageddon investigates the dangerous consequences of the fusion between Evangelical Christianity and American politics. Stark and gripping in approach, this film not only reveals how structures of fundamentalism weaken the very fabric of American democracy, but also highlights the devastating impact religion wields on U.S. foreign policy. Praying for Armageddon uncovers how the Evangelicals fuel the volatile situation in Israel and Palestine – ultimately escalating the spirals of violence in the Middle East. From the grassroots to megachurch empires and the dark backrooms in Washington D.C., this film goes inside a movement that ultimately aims to destroy our civilization


  • Original titlePraying For Armageddon
  • DirectorsTonje Hessen Schei
  • CountryNorway
  • Year2023
  • Time97 Minutes
  • TopicPolitical, Religion


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