Kören - en film om Tensta Gospel Choir

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In The Choir, director Amanda Pesikan follows one of Sweden’s most popular choirs on a crucial journey to Chicago, the hometown of gospel. The trip soon turns into a spiritual and emotional challenge, where questions of faith, leadership and spirituality will put the choir’s affinity for each other to the test. The film documents a crucial time in the choir’s history, while confronted with issues of religion, individuality and community.

The Choir touches upon universal themes such as longing and the human need for context and belonging, something that has become significantly more important to us all over the past year. In addition, the film also explores whether it is possible to participate in an expression of culture without embracing its whole context. In this case, whether or not it is possible to sing gospel without believing in God.


  • Original titleKören - en film om Tensta Gospel Choir
  • DirectorsAmanda Pesikan
  • CountrySweden
  • Year2021
  • Time83 Minutes
  • TopicCulture/Arts


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