Touching Freedom

Manal Masri, 72 min, Sweden.

Two friends’ journey into a war that unites them for life.

Synopsis (short)

In 2014 the Kurdish students Jenkidar and Hussein document the Kurdish resistance against ISIS. From inside the war, they film what no one else has filmed. One by one their family and friends become victims in the defence of their home city, Kobane. This is their story.

Synopsis (full)

In 2014 the two Kurdish students Jenkidar and Hussein start a journey, with an unexpected amount of life changing twists and turns. It takes them from a careless student life in Beirut to their beloved hometown of Kobane. Here they pick up video cameras for the first time in their lives and document the Kurdish resistance against ISIS.

One by one they introduce us to their family and friends, who one by one become victims in the almost impossible defence of the city. As the battle intensifies it is not possible for Jenkidar and Hussein to stay in Kobane. They have to flee in order to survive and end up as refugees in Barcelona and Paris.

As they come to terms with their new situation and the experiences from their journey, they realise that they are transformed for life. Despite being painful, they must tell the world about their family and friends, so they did not die in vain.

Synopsis (svenska)

2014 börjar de kurdiska studenterna Jenkidar och Hussein att dokumentera det kurdiska motståndet mot IS. Inifrån kriget filmar de det som ingen annan filmat. Samtidigt faller deras familj och vänner offer – en efter en – när de försöker skydda sin hemstad Kobane. Detta är deras berättelse.