the bankers trial

Mishpat Habankaim

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Five penniless citizens set on a crusade against the most powerful figures of the financial system In Israel – and beat them.

After his girlfriend is issued with an illegal repossession order, attorney Barak Cohen launches a public campaign against the heads of Israel’s banking industry.

That was the backdrop for the suit filed against attorney Cohen and his fellow activists. The severe criminal charges were straight out of a racketeering case but Barak and his friends were undaunted. For them, this was a golden opportunity to turn the tables, and transform the trial into an indictment of Israel’s banking sector.


  • Original titleMishpat Habankaim
  • International titleThe Bankers Trial
  • DirectorsEliav lilti
  • CountryIsrael
  • Year2022
  • Time93 Minutes
  • TopicPolitical


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