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At the age of 64, author Fredrik Ekelund comes out as a transvestite. As Marisol, in the twilight world of Copenhagen, they are for the first time given free reins to live fully as themselves. But soon the wild, Copenhagen nightlife starts to erode Marisol. Their children begins questioning who their father really is: Are they two completely different people? The memory of a childhood trauma becomes crucial in Marisol’s process towards becoming whole, towards reconciliation, with oneself and one’s family.

Marisol is a film about never-ending human growth, and about finding courage to face one’s inner truth.


  • Original titleMarisol
  • DirectorsStefan Berg & Amanda Erixon Ekelund
  • CountrySweden
  • Year2021
  • Time70 Minutes
  • TopicCulture/Arts, Hemma Hos, Personal, Stefan Berg Collection, The Queer Collection


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