Nina Hobert, 80 min, Sweden.

Winner of the Nordic:Dox Award at CPH:DOX 2021!

Julia and Nina have always been friends. Julia is a whirlwind in every setting. She is festive, fast-talking and creative. Nina is observant, hides behind her camera and adores her friend’s vitality. When the film starts, they are in their late 20s. Julia lives in Copenhagen and struggles with an escalating alcohol problem, and Nina tries to understand and help her while fighting her own demons.

What starts out as Julia’s story grows over four years into a story about mental health and addiction, about parties, life crises and art. But most of all, it is a story of the type of friendship that is deep enough to accommodate both love and conflicts. Julia&I is a (self) portrait of two women who give everything to each other and the camera. From funerals and angry quarrels to a fateful encounter. And always with Nina’s camera at hand.

Swedish synopsis

Julia&Jag är en personlig berättelse om en vänskap. I Ninas blick på sin vän Julia får Nina plötsligt syn på vad hon saknar hos sig själv. När Julia söker sin väg ut ur ett missbruk börjar Nina söka svar på varför hon inte vill finnas längre. Filmen som skulle bli Ninas film blir istället sin egen.

Distributed by Doc Lounge | Part of the Doc Lounge Official Selection Autumn 2021