A Song Called Hate

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Hatari claim to be driven by a mission to end late capitalism. Their selection to represent Iceland at Eurovision is audacious, but now they must confront the true cost of taking their message to a global stage. Faced with the political context of a non-political Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Israel with occupied territories on the doorstep, Hatari decides to take a stand.

Ultimately, A Song Called Hate asks what is the role of the artist and do they have a responsibility to engage in politics? If so, do intentions even count, without actions? With unique access, this documentary examines how these young artists cope, both on and off stage, and how they can navigate criticism, when it comes from all sides.

With a mission to penetrate the high gloss and shiny show-business of Eurovision, Hatari are forced to accept that everything they do might just be read as irony, because is it even possible to participate within a system while simultaneously rejecting it?


  • Original titleA Song Called Hate
  • DirectorsAnna Hildur
  • CountryIceland
  • Year2020
  • Time90 Minutes
  • TopicCulture/Arts, Political


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