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Making a war is a storyteller’s job. A good story is crucial to legitimize the use of military force. That’s why militaries need strong promotion and Israel is a model country in promoting its military ventures. We’ve successfully colonized, occupied and overgrown, and only got stronger and more accepted amongst the nations. Our history as persecuted Jews, and our enlightened democracy are both in use in our solid PR kit. But before pitching our story to the world, we need to pitch it to our children. As moral corruption linked with apartheid thrives, avoiding military service becomes a threat. For some children we’ll offer benefits, formost we’ll sell fictitious promises. Every child is screened to serve with bearable pressure and an adjusted amount of exposure to violence. ‘Innocence’ tells the story of children who resisted to be enlisted but capitulated. Their stories were never told as they died during their service. Through a narration based ont heir haunting diaries, the film depicts their inner turmoil. It interweaves first-hand military images, key moments from childhood until enlistment and home videos of the deceased soldiers whose stories are silenced and seen as a national threat.

Swedish Synopsis

En gripande och tankeväckande film som belyser den mörka sidan av Israels militärkultur. Filmen följerunga människor som kämpar mot att bli inkallade men som till slut viker sig för trycket att tjänstgöra.Genom deras hjärtskärande dagböcker och autentiska militära inspelningar avslöjar filmen det moraliskadilemmat som genomsyrar det israeliska samhället. Davidi väver skickligt in barndomsminnen ochhemvideor av avlidna soldater för att skapa ett rörande och skrämmande porträtt av förlorad oskuld.Han presenterar en skoningslös kritik av Israels komplexa militära struktur och dess förödande påverkanpå unga människor och samhället I stort


  • Original titleInnocence
  • DirectorsGuy Davidi
  • CountryDenmark, Finland, Iceland, Israel
  • Year2022
  • Time100 Minutes
  • TopicPolitical, Religion, Social Issue


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