For Somebody Else

Sven Blume, 90 min, Sweden, USA.

Cristal, Deanna and Michelle have chosen to become surrogate mothers. In this intimate and thought-provoking documentary, filmmaker Sven Blume follows these three California women and the everyday chaos and emotional turmoil they go through as they lend their bodies and carry someone else’s child.

Surrogate motherhood is prohibited in Sweden and many other countries, but in California the phenomenon is a growing industry. In For Somebody Else, we meet three women who for varying reasons have chosen to carry and give birth to other people’s children. Director Sven Blume follows their daily life; before, during and after pregnancy, and allows them to formulate and reflect about their choices. The result is a thought-provoking and intimate documentary about the trials and risks, but also about the satisfaction and joy they experience.

For Somebody Else is distributed by Doc Lounge in Sweden and will have its release in autumn 2020. More information can be found at the distribution page.