Puss Hejdå

73 min

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Sandra is left by her partner right after the birth of their child and her life turns into a nightmare that plays out in real time. For support she phones her sister Annika, the film’s director. Annika has just gotten engaged and begins to realize that she’s afraid to embark on the same life that her sister was forced to abandon.

The film also offers a glimpse into the struggles of Sandra’s ex-partner Filip, who is struggling to adjust to his new role as a father. Overwhelmed and feeling inadequate, he finds it difficult to express his feelings and connect with others. “Love You Bye” invites audiences into a private world where we are forced to confront our own beliefs about parenting and relationships. An unflinching look at the most personal aspects of life, an honest and vulnerable exploration of love.


  • Original titlePuss Hejdå
  • DirectorsAnnika Fredriksson
  • CountrySweden
  • Year2023
  • Time73 Minutes
  • TopicPersonal


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