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27,000 photos of civilian detainees tortured to death were stolen from the Syrian regime’s secret archives by a military defector codenamed Caesar, and made public in 2014. Director Stéphane Malterre and his co-author and historical advisor Garance Le Caisne investigated to what extent international justice proves impotent in prosecuting the criminal Syrian state. As the case seems doomed to oblivion, victims’ families, along with activists and Caesar himself, seek truth and justice through state courts across Europe instead. More than five years of investigations and fighting will lead to the first trial against high officials of the Syrian death machine.


  • Original titleLes Suppliciés
  • International titleThe Lost Souls Of Syria
  • DirectorsStéphane Malterre
  • CountryFrance, Germany
  • Year2022
  • Time99 Minutes
  • TopicPolitical, Social Issue


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