High & Low - John Galliano

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Widely recognized as one of the most influential and successful fashion designers of our time, Galliano dressed the most beautiful and famous women in the world for almost 15 years at Givenchy and Dior. He reinvented the fashion industry by transforming his runway shows into immersive fantasies and helped turn high-fashion from an elitist niche into a multi-billion-dollar global business. But in 2011, Galliano’s career abruptly ended after being caught on video using antisemitic and racist insults. Macdonald’s film investigates the multiple facets and contradictions of Galliano’s character and the context, including decades of industry pressure and drug and alcohol addiction, that surrounded his downfall and subsequent recovery. Through interviews with his closest friends and family, as well as well-known fashion figures, Macdonald unveils the designer’s search for redemption.
Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald’s documentary traces Galliano’s career, highlighting what it means to fall from grace while raising fundamental questions about public figures dealing with invasive scrutiny from the public. Can one be forgiven by a society that uses “cancel culture” to halt opportunity? Should “canceled” individuals get a second shot at their careers? Featuring Galliano himself, the film offers audiences the chance to hear Galliano’s side of his story.

Swedish Synopsis

Kevin Macdonalds film utforskar den kontroversiella modedesignern John Gallianos spektakulära karriär, de utmanande villkoren inom modebranschen samt hans drog- och alkoholberoende, vilka till sist bidrog till hans fall 2011.


  • Original titleHigh & Low - John Galliano
  • DirectorsKevin Macdonald
  • CountryFrance, United Kingdom, USA
  • Year2023
  • Time116 Minutes
  • TopicBiography, Culture/Arts, LGBTQ+


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