Under Gottsunda

Viktor Johansson, 75 min, Sweden.

A unique film about the Uppsala suburb Gottsunda. 

It's moving in Gottsunda. Subcultures popping up like mushrooms. The burning car has an iceberg underneath. 

Under Gottsunda began as the social writing project Gottsunda Stories, where the film's director, Viktor Johansson was one of the teachers. The project got the youth in Uppsala suburb describe their own reality, in contrast to the one-sided media coverage. Some of the young people's stories resulted in the movie Under Gottsunda, which takes place on the boundary between fiction and documentary. An associative, ecstatic truth. 

The film is an evocative journey in sunny summer Sweden takes us through manhood rites, generational conflict, war memories, boredom, dance, ingenuity and isolation to places that are too often seen by surveillance camera lens.