Tusen bitar

Magnus Gertten, Stefan Berg, 100 min, Sweden.

With Mikael Wiehe and Marianne Lindberg De Geer as escorts, we make a trip into Björn Afzelius life. A story about a man of many contradictions within himself. A protest singer, but also a sentimental ballad singer. A stalwart political activist, but also an incurable romantic. Private he never spoke of himself, but in his lyrics, he said more. Heavens was the artist that critics loved to hate, and the audience loved.
The filmmakers Stefan Berg and Magnus Gertten have had access to an abundant archive material and interviews with the people closest to him. The result is a unique portrait that shows new sides of a brave idealist constantly on the lookout for the confirmation he never got as a child.
The theme song is sung by Laleh and is an interpretation of a thousand pieces, one of Afzelius's most famous and popular songs.