The Man Who Saved the World

Peter Anthony, 105 min, Denmark.

The Man Who Saved the World’ is an epic Cold War thriller that sends shivers down your spine, while also being a gripping story about the man who actually saved the world, and his struggle to get his life back on track before it is too late.

1983. The Cold War is seconds from exploding. The world holds its breath as the superpowers USA and Russia are arming themselves against each other with thousands of nuclear missiles. On the 26th of September, Russian radars intercept five nuclear missiles on their way to Russia. Stanislav Petrov is commander-in-chief. The decision that would start World War III rests on his shoulders. Should Russia fire nuclear missiles at the United States in defence?Today, the world still exists, but Petrov himself is a ruined man. A man who, in his own words, is not a hero and who went against all protocol, relying on his own instinct instead of the computers. He lives in a small apartment full of empty vodka bottles, has lost his family and is wavering between two choices: should he forgive his mother, who expelled him as a youngster, and love the only family he has left - or remain enshrouded in liquor-fuelled inebriation.