My Love Don´t Cross That River

Jin MoYoung, 85 min, South Korea.

In his first feature length documentary, director and writer Jin MoYoung has created what is perhaps one of the most romantic documentaries ever made. Beautifully shot in a breathtaking mountain village in South Korea, My Love Don´t Cross That River follows a husband and wife known as the “100yearold lovebirds.” Joyful, playful and so visibly in love, they have lived a fairytale romance through their 76 years of marriage.

But when the husband falls ill, the thought of his death becomes almost unbearable for the wife. With gorgeous cinematography, exquisite storytelling and a compassionate approach to his subjects, it is no wonder that My Love Don’t Cross That River broke box office records in its native South Korea. Dressed in traditional Korean clothing, the duo spends their days gathering wood, clearing a path through the snow or cooking simple, customary fare. He picks her flowers and sings her songs; they sleep handinhand. Their love seems immutable and you can well imagine the couple in the bloom of youth. But, time stands stills for no one, and Jo Byeongman, the older of the duo at 98, is becoming progressively frail. Director Jin MoYoung filmed the couple in their mountain village over 15 months. The touching result was a boxoffice sensation and the most commercially successful Korean documentary of all time.