Love During Wartime

Gabriella Bier, 90 min, Sweden.

A film about forbidden love. The dancer, Jasmin, and the artist, Assi, are married. They have everything they could wish for. They are young, beautiful and in love. They aren’t, however, allowed to live together. Outer forces do all they can to thwart their every attempt. They are forced to tackle threats, hate and violence. They live in the midst of the most talked about conflict in the world.

Jasmin is a Jewish Israeli from Jerusalem and Assi is a Muslim Palestinian from the West Bank. When a Palestinian marries an Israeli, they suddenly find themselves outside their usual safety net. They are cut off from services and safety that are normally provided for other members of society. They are in a Catch 22 situation.

We follow the couple for three years and experience, through their eyes, the personal and political conflicts that are connected with wishing to live together across religious and cultural borders. Geographically, we travel from Jerusalem to Ramallah and on to Berlin and Vienna, where the couple now live together.

The film is about young, world citizens for whom boundaries and nations have no meaning. Through this Romeo and Juliet tale the massive challenges of globalization become crystal clear to us.