Life In Progress

Irene Loebell, 99 min, South Africa, Switzerland.

Three youngsters
a township
one dance group

A challenging process regardless, coming of age is more difficult still when happening within the pressures of a South African township. However, Tshidiso, Venter and Seipati are fortunate to have found, despite his frightful past, a valuable mentor in Jerry. Members of his dance group TAXIDO, they breeze through their teenage years. Wherever the talented youngsters perform their breathtaking wild dance routines, homegrown on the streets of their township, they receive thunderous applause. However, as they return home to their decrepit houses, they face a reality where little has changed since apartheid was overturned.

Twenty years after apartheid's end, LIFE IN PROGRESS delivers a close insight into the lives of three youngsters in a run-down township called Katlehong, a Sotho word for "progress".