Derby Crazy Love

Maya Gallus, Justine Pimlott, 65 min, Canada.

Derby Crazy Love takes viewers inside the adrenaline-filled world of women’s roller derby.

Meet Smack Daddy, Suzy Hotrod, Raw Heidi, Kamikaze Kitten, Bonnie Thunders and other badass warriors who are changing how we look at women in sport and femininity, one booty block at a time.

Maya Gallus and Justine Pimlott’s newest documentary takes viewers into the heart of the emerging roller derby phenomenon, a vibrant DIY community of third wave feminist empowerment.

The fastest-growing women’s sport in the world is not for sissies. But it is a sisterhood, with over 100 leagues in Canada and 1,400 worldwide. But beyond the spectacle are human stories, women who’ve finally found their own tribe, and a healthy outlet for aggression, which women are usually discouraged to express.

As Derby Crazy Love begins, the most anticipated rematch in the new derby era looms. Montreal’s New Skids on the Block, a team of tattooed misfits, take on UK powerhouse London Rollergirls for a coveted shot at the international championships, while reigning world champions New York’s Gotham Girls (and derby superstar Suzy Hotrod) defend their title.

Punk rock glam queen Plastik Patrik (a contributor to the movie’s soundtrack) provides additional flash and drama as the official game announcer and behind-the-scenes den mother.

Some of the extraordinary personalities include Smack Daddy, MVP at the inaugural roller derby World Cup, who must recover from a broken leg in order to compete; her glamorous girlfriend, former figure skater, Apocalipstick; Trash ‘N’ Smash, who overcame an inability to skate to become one of the Skids’ most potent physical presences; as well as international stars such as the Gotham Girls’ Suzy Hotrod and Bonnie Thunders; and the unforgettable London Rollergirls’ Kamikaze Kitten and Raw Heidi.

Featuring music by Montreal’s Plastik Patrik et les Brutes, Lesbians on Ecstasy and New York’s Kissy Kamikaze.

Derby Crazy Love. A smart, fun, sexy ride through an extraordinary subculture.