Craigslist Allstars

Samira Elagoz, 65 min, Finland, Netherlands.

The website Craigslist is like a parallel digital universe, where everyone can live out their own idea of themselves. Anyone is allowed to post anything there: from house sales ads to open job applications with résumé included. And of course there are all sorts of variations on the “man seeks woman” theme – Craigslist is high in the rankings of alternative dating sites.
The young performance artist Samira Elagoz posts an open casting call on Craigslist. A magician, a lonely plumber and a soft-core porn director are some of the characters that Samira meets on her journey from Amsterdam to Tokyo. Every encounter is a social experiment, which Samira documents (and stages) on her own terms. Loneliness is the only common ground.
The internet is a social laboratory, and 'Craigslist Allstars' gives it a cinematic form, which is dictated by the experiment itself. And Samira Elagoz also manages to demonstrate that a camera, a good idea and a solid dose of fearlessness is all you need to create a contemporary take of a post-internet documentary, where intimacy and performance melt together. Craigslist Allstars premiered at IDFA 2016, and was nominated in the main competition at CPH:DOX 2017.