At Home In The World

Andreas Koefoed, 58 min, Denmark.

AT HOME IN THE WORLD is an intimate depiction of the everyday lives of five refugee children on a Danish Red Cross asylum school.

The children; Magomed, Sehmuz, Heda, Amel and Ali have different nationalities and backgrounds, but they have all fled their homes with their families, arriving in Denmark with the hope of starting over.

Over the course of one year, there is an 80% replacement in one class on the asylum school. Few are granted residency in Denmark, and move out of the asylum centres to become part of the Danish society. Others are rejected and sent back to their country of origin. Some go underground and continue their lives on the run from the atrocities in their home country.

Over the course of a year, we follow the children in an ever-changing environment. It is hard to create bonds and friendships, and the tone is often harsh amongst the kids, as they all fight inner battles with traumatic events of their past. We follow their attempt to learn a new language, create friendships and prepare to form a new home in Denmark.

The teacher, Dorte, is one the people, who try to create safe conditions around the children and their families at the asylum school. Through true engagement and empathy, Dorte becomes close with the children despite their difficulties and personal challenges. Dorte fights a brave battle to bring out the best in the children and for them to gain personal victories – so they can create a new place in the world, where they can feel at home.

At Home In The World is presented in collaboration with Moving Docs - a EDN initiative supported by Creative Europe, with the aim to create innovative outreach strategies and provide opportunities for urban and rural European audiences to enjoy regular screenings of documentary films through a wide variety of media and platforms.