Youth screenings

Doc Lounge Stockholm arranges youthscreenings with a focus on bringing cultural experiences to young people aged 13-20 years. The project means screening documentary films in venues such as libraries and youht centers, where the films also are framed by discussions, director visits and creative workshops. The screenings are based on the wishes from young people and their knowledge of the current subjects. Through watching trailers together and discussions, the projectmanager captures ideas for the topics of the screenings.

Part of Doc Lounge Stockholms work with youth is also the new process-oriented activity Our Doc Lounge. Our Doc Lounge focuses on including young people throughout the process of arranging, to develop knowledge about the cultural area and to strengthen their own voices as active citizens. The young people are trained while forming and conducting an arrangement based on a documentary film. By providing tools for organizing, they are encouraged to formulate their thoughts about their surroundings and increase their use of cultural languages.