Starting up a Doc Lounge in your city

Interested in starting up a Doc Lounge in your city? Welcome! 

Doc Lounge screens previews of the best new documentary films, alongside an inspiring programme of music, special guests, Q&As, performances, talks, and surprises. Our special film screenings take place at dedicated Doc Lounge clubs across four nordic countries, all based in alternative venues. Would you like to start up Doc Lounge in your city? We are always looking to expand! 

How do we do this?

  1. Have a look in the guide How To Doc Lounge, to get to know the Doc Lounge concept and the way we work.
  2. Make some basic planning using this document, to be better prepared when talking to us. 
  3. Contact us, we are waiting to hear from you!

Common questions!

Why Doc Lounge?

Doc Lounge gives a unuique access to the latest documenaries and exists to attract new audiences to documentary films by creating new, innovative ways of presenting the best documentaries to the people. All films shown through Doc Lounge are premieres or city previews of high professional quality, and we cover a mix of international, national and local films, produced in the last 2 years. 

Why in our city?

Does something similar to Doc Lodunge exist in your city? If not, that is perfect! You have an important spot to fill and a great opportunity to create something new and inovative. Doc Lounge is always looking to expand and are happy to welcome you and your city to the Doc Lounge network! 

How does it work?

You start up a Doc Lounge organisation in your city and you arrange screenings of the best new documentaries from all over the world in the alternative venue you have! We offer a great selection of films for you to screen each semester.

What does it take?

A dedicated project manager, a great team and a great team spirit! (And financial support.)

Where find films to screen?

Every semester, Doc Lounge presents an Official Selection of the best new doucmentaries from all around the world. From this selection, you are free to pick the films you would like to screen in your city.