Our story & mission

Mission statement

  • We believe that the documentary is an important, powerful and widely accessible art form, that can change the world and empower people. This impact is multiplied when documentaries are viewed together. 
  • Our aim is to attract new audiences to documentaries and create new, innovative ways of presenting the best documentaries to the people.
  • Doc Lounge strives to be a catalyst for discussion and inspiration leading to positive change in personal lives and the wider society.
  • We aim for gender balance in our programming and to bring voices from all over the world, including those not usually heard in the mainstream media, to our audiences. 
  • We are passionate about what we do, and work to be inspirational and daring in our programming and events, continually innovating our activities to reach our goals.

Our story

The first Doc Lounge club was created in 2006 in Malmö, Sweden, by filmmaker Fredrik Gertten and music club promoter Gudrun Hauksdottir. The vision was to be an alternative distribution network for documentaries and a more satisfying and exciting experience for both filmmakers and audiences. It was an immediate hit and the concept quickly took off.

Doc Lounge evolved into a network across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, screening previews and premieres of the best new documentaries. Featuring everything from insightful Q&As with directors, to live music from the best new bands, to parties, bike races, comedy acts, food and drink, photography, art exhibitions, dance performances and much more. 

Doc Lounge now specialises in distribution, events and outreach of new Nordic and international documentaries. In addition Doc Lounge continuously work with a wide range of development projects to innovate documentary distribution and the experience of film screenings.