Winner announced for the Doc Lounge Award at Film Fest Sundsvall!

We are very happy for our collaboration with Film Fest Sundsvall, a new and exiting international short film festival iniated and led by Andreas Fock.

As a part of our collaboration we we hand out the prize for best film in the international short doc comeptition A Postcard from the World. On Friday the winner was announced during a festive event arranged by Doc Lounge Sundsvall where all films were screened. We are very proud to present Find Fix Finish as the winner, who will recieve distribution through the Doc Lounge Network for Fall 2018.

The Jury's motivation: "A relevant subject is merged with a clever use of photography to highlight a terrifying tale of reality, where territorial gaps are breached but moral are expanded. Human lives become pixels on a screen in this reflection on power and the human merge with technology, all in a complete cinematic experience."

The jury also chose to give a special mention to the film Mother with the motivation:

"We would like to give a special mention to ”Mother” by Jenni Kivistö, who in a very effective way both opens up a private experience of slowly losing someone that you love and without being to intrusive tells a story that everyone could relate to. The movie embodies the love between an daughter and a mother but at the same time reflects on the distance that dementia brings”

The jury this year consists of 

Liina Härkönen (Doc Lounge Tampere)
Sofie Gustafsson (Doc Lounge Sundsvall)
Annie Karlsson (Doc Lounge Göteborg)
Claes Hedlund and André Larsson (Doc Lounge Umeå)
Maja Lindquist (Doc Lounge HQ)

We want to congratulate Film Fest Sundsvall to a well performed first edition of the festival, and hope to see many more in the future!