Welcome Elin, new project manager for Doc Lounge Lund!

On March 3, Doc Lounge Lund is once again opening their doors at Mejeriet, one of Sweden's best pop/rock venues, under the wings of new project manager Elin Hörberg. She took some time off her very busy schedule to answer a couple of questions.

Hey Elin and welcome to Doc Lounge! We know about your great love for music, both as a musician (in the band Skilla and your solo project Feivel) and a producer (På Jam, Ditt Liv Är Här), but now you’re going work with documentaries. How did that happen?

Hey and thank you! I’ve worked a lot with music, both on and behind the scenes, so I thought it would be fun to use those skills in a new way. The format is not that much different and it will be fun to fill it with something I’ve not worked with before.

Doc Lounge Lund’s season will premiere on March 3 with Fredrik Gertten’s new film Bikes vs Cars. Have you seen it and, if so, what can we expect?

I’ve seen it. I think you can expect a very good film that leaves you with that special “it’s time to save the world, damnit!”-feeling. It’s about the ridiculous amount of car driving we do in this world, how frankly bizarre things are in some places and hints about how things could look if more of us chose to use bikes instead.

Does it have the same kind of “wow-factor” that Bananas did? Will we protesting on roads and organize boycotts against the car and oil industries?

I think so! For a bike-city like Lund it could be a good ego-boost and pat on the shoulder, but also open peoples’ eyes to the idea that we keep taking so many unnecessary car trips when we have other alternatives to get around. Hopefully it will inspire people to think about how we, as individuals, impact the environment.

How do you view the concept Doc Lounge, how would you like to develop it in Lund?

First of all, more films and more events! Doc Lounge had a bit of a break during the Autumn last year so now it’s time to completely gorge in film, music and other goodies.

Doc Lounge Lund is housed at Mejeriet. Is there anything else from Mejeriet’s schedule, not related to Doc Lounge itself, that you’d like to recommend?

I'd pick two concerts - Edda Magnason on March 6 and Jonathan Johansson on April 24.

Thank you very much for your time, Elin. If you want to know more about what's happening in Lund, make sure to follow them on Facebook!