Waste Land - first doc out

It's a hectic period at Doc Lounge. We're planning and planning, working to create a grand screening program for all you Doc Lounge lovers. First film out this season is Waste Land. A beautiful film about a wonderful art project with huge implications. The film is opening up the season in Malmö, Lund and Växjö at the end of January and will be screened in more Doc Lounge cities soon. So keep an eye out! Shortly after our premiere the film will be released on DVD at Triart. Waste Land - Every day of the year garbage pickere, Catadores, works with sorting through garbage on one of the biggest garbage dumps in the world, Jardim Gramacho in Rio de Janeiro. The recycled material is sold to a recycling project organized by the garbage pickers themselves. In the award-winning documentary Waste Land we follow the Brazilian artist Vik Muniz as he returns his hometown, Rio de Janeiro, to photograph the pickers in their work. Together they start creating portraits of the Catadores made of garbage from landfills. As the artwork is emerging and growing, so are the Catadores. As models their view of themselves and their lives change forever.