Valentines Day and where to Doc Lounge-celebrate

Happy valnetines day from Doc Lounge! Whether you love the day or not, have a date or not, care or not, here is where to spend the day at a Doc Lounge event, with a lovely documentary: 

Doc Lounge Aarhus screens The Pearl of Africa - meet Cleo fighting for her right to love and to be who she is, as a trans person in Uganda. Join the talk and discussion about LGBTQIA after the film, Jacob Lang (Amnesty) is invited to talk. 

Doc Lounge Turku screens Raving Iran - a film about the love for rave music and the fear of the Iranian regime. After the film there will be electronic, valentines day dance..! 

Doc Lounge Lund screens Love True - a raw studie in what true love really is, seen through the eyes of love (and not so much love) couples. The door is kept open with free entrance this day only and also offers Lady and the Tramp-dinner.

Doc Lounge Malmö also screens Love True! And as if this was not enough, TORSI is invited to play before the film, and the two relationships experts Lena Cronqvist (P4 Malmöhus, Ystad Allehanda, Hemmets Journal) and Helga Skeidsvoll to talk after the film.