Turku leads Doc Lounge tour of Queen of Silence

Over the next few weeks, Agnieszka Zwiefka’s beautiful documentary Queen of Silence will be touring Doc Lounge. The first Doc Lounge club to screen the film ahead of everyone else was Doc Lounge Turku, Finland. “I think it's one of my favorite documentaries”, Milla-Maria Joki, project manager at Doc Lounge Turku, said when we asked her about it. "The film was beautifully shot and I enjoyed the way it demonstrated the inner world of Denisa, the main character of the film. I was very happy with this event.”

Doc Lounge Turku opened its doors  in 2011, with project manager Karoliina Helkkula as a part of the team from the start. Beginning with this season, Milla-Maria took over the reins. “We have a brand new team, which makes things exciting”, she told us. “We're all enthusiastic about our plans for the future and we are looking for ways to gain more popularity for the Doc Lounge brand in Turku.”

The club has found a home at the nightclub Dynamo, which regularly hosts music events and is popular among university and arts students in the city. Both screenings Doc Lounge Turku has done this season were accompanied by music acts - local rappers, Robba and Musta Hanhi, performed at Nas: Time is Illmatic and Anette Åkerlund took to the stage at Queen of Silence.

Milla-Maria and her team has a lot of plans for the future. Next up, on April 2, is the roller derby film Derby Crazy Love. If you’re in Turku, make sure to not miss it!

Watch the trailer and photos from Queen of Silence below and make sure to not miss it on the following dates: