The Yes Men revolts at Doc Lounge

The Yes Men are Revolting, the new film about the political activists and prankster group Yes Men, had its premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin last week and will have its Swedish premiere at Doc Lounge Malmö on February 24. The group is infamous for pulling off pranks at the expense of various multinational corporations and other authorities - including impersonating a spokesperson for Dow Chemical accepting the blame for the Bhopal disaster, and claiming that Halliburton had designed an elaborate “Survivaball”-suit to "keep corporate managers safe even when climate change makes life as we know it impossible". The latter included a demonstration of the big, floating suits (seen above) in the East river, which ended with the Yes Men being arrested by the police.

The Yes Men are Revolting, which is the third film about the Yes Men (following Yes Men (2003) and The Yes Men Fix the World (2009)), is a more personal look at the life of the group’s members, documenting not only their highs but also their lows over the last 15 years. “Whenever we would do actions I would think this was the one that would change everything but afterward there would be this huge depression like oh, it didn’t change anything,” Yes Man Jacques Servin told Salon.

Despite that, the Yes Men have yet to give up their struggle for a better world, and brought a dancing (fake) polar bear with them to the film festival. Yes Men are Revolting will have its Swedish premiere at Doc Lounge Malmö on February 24, with screenings to follow at other Doc Lounges - including Joensuu, Helsinki, Oulu and Gothenburg.

While you wait for the premiere, take a look at this clip from Yahoo News - which includes the Yes Men's polar bear. Read more about the film and watch the trailer in our film archive.