The Act of Killing touring the Doc Lounge Network

The award-winning The Act of Killing is screening in Kalmar, Lund, Gothenburg, and Stockholm in Sweden and Joensuu in Finland during the film's tour of the Doc Lounge Network.  The film has astonished both audiences and critics alike with it's innovative and controversial approach to storytelling most recently picking up the Best Documentary Award at the nordic film festival Nordisk Panorama. Executive produced by Werner Herzog, Errol Morris and Andre Singer, and directed by Joshua Oppenheim, this ambitious film features the unrepentant former members of Indonesian death squads as they are challenged to re-enact their actions in the style of the American movies they admire.  The director was shocked to find that the perpetrators of these crimes were not only walking free, but many are still regarded as heros for ridding the country of communism. “I felt like ... I wandered into Germany 40 years after the Holocaust only to find the Nazis still in power,” says Joshua Oppenheimer, who spent five years working on the documentary.

Watch the trailer here.