SVT-broadcast of “Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind”

As Swedish distributor of the film, we are thrilled and happy to say that SVT Dox is screening the short version of "Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind" tonight, September 30th at 22.50, on SVT2. It's a fantastic film about radicalizing, wanting to belong, alienation, and regret, that truly opens up for discussion on how we can help people out of violent extremism. 

Due to the screening of "Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind", we are pleased to present our impact work with the film in collaboration with Fryshuset.

During the fall, the Doc Lounge Impact Hub and Fryshuset reach out to Sweden's municipalities and authorities, and organize an online event for relatives, with the aim of creating change together. With the film, Doc Lounge and Fryshuset want to spread knowledge about the mechanisms of violence-promoting extremism, share tools for dealing with this group, and handle the situation of those who want, or have, left that lifestyle behind.

Violent extremism - how does it arise and what can be done?
According to the national assignment, each municipality in Sweden must actively work and have an action plan for the work against violence-promoting extremism. Since there are no established structures for this group, such as in the case of abuse or crime, this task is not always easy to perform.

Doc Lounge Impact Hub and Fryshuset are therefore collaborating on a project that includes the movie “Exit - Leaving Extremism Behind” and related activities, such as moderated talks, seminars, tailor-made needs analyzes and training. A unique concept that gives an understanding of the mechanisms in these groups and what is needed in efforts to support drop-offs and life afterward.
Read more about the project and book activities here: https://filmenexit.se

Exclusive live broadcast event on Nov 28th
"Help, I know someone with extremist views! What can I do?" Sometimes it can be difficult to know if it is true, where to turn and how to handle a person who is on the way, or has already been withdrawn, into an extremist group. The event is aimed at those who have a person in their vicinity whom they suspect has violent extremist tendencies. What can you do and how do you respond to a person who suddenly stands for opinions you cannot support?

The idea of the event is to create a safe place to gain knowledge without having to make an active choice, such as contacting an organization or visiting a public event. The film screening with the following panel discussion will be broadcast live on the web, making it possible for you to participate anonymously from home. During and after the film you can also ask questions to the expert panel.
Read more about this exclusive event and buy tickets here [in Swedish]: https://billetto.se/e/hjalp-jag-kanner-en-med-extremistiska-asikter-biljetter-383675

"I want the film to reach as many people as possible and start a discussion about how and why people leave extremist groups."
- Karen Winther, director

Can't wait for tonight? Don't worry, the short version of the film is already up on SVT Play for you to watch.

About the movie
Director: Karen Winther
Country of production: Norway
Year of production: 2018
Time: 52/83 min
Producer: Eirin Gjørv, Sant & Usant
Distributor: Doc Lounge

Synopsis: Confronted with the realization that everything you once firmly believed is wrong, how do you get the strength to leave that reality behind and embark on a journey to turn your life around? This was the crossroad faced by director Karen Winther when she decided to leave the extremist movement she was in. Now she is on a quest of finding other former violent extremists to hear their remarkable stories about leaving their extremist movements behind. We get to meet Nazis, IS warriors and leftist supporters who talk about memories from which they will never be able to purge themselves.

Booking and press
For screening requests please contact Karolina Friberg at Doc Lounge: karolina.friberg@doclounge.se
For further information about the film, presskit, etc please visit: www.filmenexit.se

Svenska Postkodsstiftelsen, Svenska FilminstitutetFryshuset and Backflip Media

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