Superheroes, Architecture and Human Rights

All across the Nordic countries Doc Lounge has started it’s spring season, featuring political documentaries (such as Call Me Kuchu), a superhero movie (Wonder Woman- the untold story of American superheroines) and a film about fighting to move up in the world (China Heavyweight). On Jan 29th Doc Lounge Malmö and Doc Lounge Lund both showed the Danish movie The Human Scale described as a “documentary narrated science fiction from a future that is already here”. Almost 500 people attended in Malmö and Lund combined. The event was made in collaboration with International Architecture Film Festival ArchFilmLund and featured a panel debate, that was live streamed from Lund to Malmö (you can watch it here). So many people turned up that the police came by to see what was going on… Fantastic to see so many people showing up to watch this great documentary, listen to panel debate and have a good time! We look forward to bringing more exciting documentaries to your city from our spring programme. Find what's on at your city here. You can also catch The Human Scale in Oulu in April and Odense on March 13th.