Spring season wrap-up & summer vacation!

Strange times we live in, huh? This spring season has been a unique one, to say the least!

Just a couple of months into this year the world was turned upside down by a global pandemic, whose guidelines to keep its spreading in check disrupted our relationships, our daily- and professional lives. At Doc Lounge, this prompted an abrupt end to the event season and big plans had to be put on hold. 
But as the saying goes—as one door closes, another opens: This spring we’ve made new friends and established new partnerships, we finally launched our streaming service (for now only available from Sweden) and plotted how the Doc Lounge organisation can reach new heights in pursuit of its mission, to offer the best documentary films in the best way they could ever be experienced; together!

It's now time for us at HQ to enjoy some well-deserved summer vacation, but as our automatic out-of-office responses will tell you, we’ll be back before you know it in August with the Official Selection Autumn 2020 (there’s good stuff, for sure!) We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone for this spring—to our collaborators and partners for their hard work, to our brilliant friends and colleagues Andrea, Goffe and Brita and of course to every single one of our amazing volunteers, members and regulars!

With this, Doc Lounge HQ enters vacation-mode. Have a great summer people, see you soon!

Can’t get enough of Doc Lounge? A few films, some of which are part of our current (or earlier) Official Selections are available at SVT Play. Watch The Kingmaker, Q’s Barbershop and The Last Circus Princess, as well as PUSH and Honeyland from our Autumn -19 Selection. Happy streaming!