Presenting the Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2021!

As the Covid-19 pandemic appears to retain its hold over our communities for a while longer, Doc Lounge's first Official Selection of 2021 will, in similarity to last fall, be a bit smaller than usual. Nothing to worry about though, as the four films making up this selection are pure quality.

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In the Official Selection of Autumn 2015, Doc Lounge presented Hubert Sauper’s award-winning documentary We Come As Friends. That's why we’re especially happy to follow up with his latest film Epicentro! This time around in “utopian” Cuba, Sauper—accompanied by the extraordinary people of Havana—explore a century of interventionism and myth-making to interrogate time, imperialism and the power of cinema itself.

South of Havana and the Caribbean sea lies the tidal bay Lake Maracaibo, and on it the village of Congo Mirador. In Once Upon A Time In Venezuela, Anabel Rodríguez Ríos portraits the once prosperous floating village, that is now disintegrating due to corruption, pollution and political decay—a prophetic reflection of the flaws of contemporary Venezuela.

Back across the Atlantic, Anna Hildur’s documentary feature debut A Song Called Hate is a thrilling portrait of “BDSM Techno-band” Hatari, who suddenly find themselves being Iceland’s representatives at Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Faced with the political context of a non-political Eurovision—hosted in Tel Aviv, Israel, with occupied territories at the doorstep—Hatari decides to take a stand. But is it possible to participate in a system while simultaneously rejecting it?

Lastly, P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes chronicles the eighty year-long working career of grand couturier Pierre Cardin. His logo and signature is recognised by millions, but few seem to know the man behind the larger than life label. House of Cardin is a rare peek into the mind of a fashion pioneer, a true original, who granted the directors exclusive access to his archives, business empire and unprecedented interviews, right at the sunset of his glorious career.

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All of us within the Doc Lounge Network are hoping to be able to safely arrange unique, in-person events to accompany these films, including all kinds of special happenings! Find your local club up in the right corner, or head over to our calendar to find out exactly what’s happening in your city.