New interns at Doc Lounge HQ!

We are happy to welcome, Julie and Petter, two new star interns at the Doc Lounge main office! 
During the spring of 2015, we'll have two new interns helping us out at Doc Lounge's offices in Malmö.

Julie Rocco, with a BA in graphic design & communication and skills and interests in photography, will be working with Doc Lounge's visual communication, updating the film archive and other previous events on the web page, analyzing and summarizing the statistics for 2014 that will end up in a designed report. Besides that, she will also be an extra helping hand and mind at the main office.

When Julie is not hanging out at Doc Lounge headquarters or helping out and photographing at Doc Lounge Malmö, she usually goes to gigs, documents peculiar urban situations and surroundings or explores her creativity.

Julie will be at Doc Lounge for a ten week internship, and is keen on doing and learning as much as possible. She is looking forward to see a lot of good documentaries at the Doc Lounge events in Malmö and learn how it works when creating and expanding an interesting event!

Petter Mårtensson will be working with Doc Lounge’s communication, editing the website, drafting press releases, writing blog posts and doing research. He’s spent the last 10 years as a games journalist, both in writing for various outlets and in front of the camera for Gamereactor’s web-TV GRTV, and is currently finishing up his BA paper in media and communication studies.

In July last year, he and a couple of friends released the documentary A Tale of Internet Spaceships. The film took a closer look at the sometimes complicated relationship between Icelandic game developer CCP and the players of their online game, EVE Online. It was crowdsourced through Indiegogo and filmed in Reykjavik 2013.

In his spare time, Petter tries to maintain a healthy balance between video games and roleplaying games. At the office, you can usually find him sniffing around the coffee machine.