"Marisol" at Malmö Queer Film Festival

Ahead of its cinema premiere in October, an exclusive preview of "Marisol" will screen at the Malmö Queer Film Festival, coinciding with WorldPride 2021.

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Doc Lounge distributes Amanda Erixon Ekelund's and Stefan Berg's Marisol, about author Fredrik Ekelund who, at 64 years old, comes out as a transvestite. Marisol is set to premiere in Swedish cinemas on October 22 and, apart from the given Doc Lounge screening later this autumn, an additional exclusive preview is scheduled for August 21 as part of the Malmö Queer Film Festival programme, this year coinciding with the WorldPride celebrations in Malmö and Copenhagen. 

The ambition of Doc Lounge is to become Sweden's prime distributor of documentary films, which is why we're incredibly proud to present Marisol:

Just right in its timing, the film spans a lifetime both visually and narratively. With Marisol, the audience gets an opportunity to experience one piece of the world they're most likely not too familiar with. Together, the directors have together managed to convey a warm and honest portrait of one of Sweden's trans pioneers. 

— says Jonas Pedersen Hardebrant, Distribution and Development manager at Doc Lounge.

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Jonas Pedersen Hardebrant, Doc Lounge
jonas@doclounge.se | +46735080439

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