Liberation Day - a documentary musical about Laibach visiting North Korea

At Doc Lounge we love a thought provocing and unique doc and Liberation Day sure is a one a kind. The Norwegian documentary about cult band Laibachs almost unimaginable visit to North Korea has been described as both funny, thoughtful and bizarre, and has gotten standing ovations in it's reviews:

"Billed as a “documentary musical,” this potential crowd-pleaser gets considerable comic mileage out of the friction between two very different brands of cultural eccentricity — but it succeeds as more than a diverting novelty, packed as it is with pointed observations on diplomacy and censorship in a country that’s still a mystery to many." - Variety

"This extraordinary documentary charts the antics of the first western band allowed into the country – to perform thunderous versions of songs from The Sound of Music" - Guardian

Liberation Day is one of the most popular films from this seasons Official Selection and while Laibach is hypeing the film even more by doing an extensive Europe tour, Liberation Day will be screened at nine Doc Lounge cities during the fall. As always there will be extra treats for the audience such as special guests, director Q&A's, DJs and live music.

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