Leaving extremism behind - a new collaboration between Doc Lounge and Fryshuset

Many people around the world are frequently discussing the consequences of extremism and how it affects our society but seldom do we see discussions about the way out of violent extremism. We ask ourselves why this is. How can we expect someone to leave that lifestyle behind, when they often don’t have any friends or family left on the outside because of their current beliefs? This is a challenge that we must dare to respond to.

With the film "Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind", Doc Lounge wants to spread unique knowledge of violent extremism, and provide tools on how to deal with and manage the situation of those who want, or have, dropped off.

Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind” is a fantastic film about radicalizing, wanting to belong, alienation, and regret, and truly opens up for discussion on how we can help people out of violent extremism.

In collaboration with Fryshuset, we now release a new impact distribution offering tailor-made film screenings in combination with workshops and lectures, targeting relevant authorities and relatives. Through the film and our partner Fryshuset, with their 30 years of experience in the matter, Doc Lounge conveys a unique understanding of the mechanisms within these groups, how to best deal with them, and what is required before and after an exit.

Want to be part of creating change with Doc Lounge and Fryshuset? Great! Book your screenings, lectures, and workshops here: www.filmenexit.se.

PS. We’ve developed our packages, especially for municipalities and authorities, to help them gain an understanding of what actions they can take to counteract violent extremism. Have a friend who works for a municipality or authority? Please help us spread the word by sharing this text with them.


Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind is the second movie to be part of the project Doc Louge Impact Hub, that started in 2018 in collaboration with Anna Ljungmark (House of Real). Doc Lounge Impact hub is funded by Svenska Postkodstiftelsen

With Doc Lounge Impact Hub we want to challenge the perception of what distribution is, and could be in the future. Through extensive outreach and impact work, collaborations between different industries and a specific focus on analysis and evaluation, we want to bring forward documentary films as change makers in society and be a frontrunner in the field of innovative distribution.  

Read more about Doc Lounge Impact Hub here: doclounge.se/doc-lounge-impact-hub


For screening requests please contact Karolina Friberg at Doc Lounge: karolina.friberg@doclounge.se
For further information about the film specifics, press kit, etc please visit: www.filmenexit.se


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