Holidays at Doc Lounge HQ

How should one even begin to summarize 2020? A uniquely challenging year that has felt so long, yet has gone by so very fast. 

At HQ, we’ve done our best to stay agile and to adapt Doc Lounge to this new normal, but we’d be lying if we’d say it’s all been easy. It’s been a tough year. In Sweden all events have had a maximum capacity of 50 guests, and many of us have had to cancel with short notice more than once. Looking at the hard facts, compared to earlier years our numbers have halved… Which is pretty good, considering the circumstances! 

The audience have shown great responsibility throughout the whole last season by buying their tickets in advance, keeping their distance, and by letting us know if or when they’ve been unable to make it to an event. Thanks to this, in Malmö we’ve been able to sell out close to all available tickets for as far as every event this fall. 

Over the year there's also been some major staff changes at Doc Lounge HQ: At times our team have been boosted by Vincent, Lina, and three interns (shout out to Brita, Klara and Emma!) Five welcomed additions while manoeuvring these strange pandemic-times—especially as Goffe and Andrea, after 4 seasons and 10 years respectively, left Doc Lounge for new, dreamy positions. 

And of course, this year we had the pleasure to welcome Jonas to the team! As Doc Lounge continues to expand its role as a Swedish documentary film distributor, Jonas (previously at the Swedish Film Institute, TriArt) will be joining us from Stockholm as Doc Lounge’s new Head of Distribution and Development. 

At the time of writing, the Official Selection for Spring ’21 is coming along nicely, and we can’t wait to show off the films we have in store for you guys! But before any such thing, our HQ staff is winding down to enjoy a brief break over the holidays. We’ll be back in the office in January, and hopefully meet all of you at many safely conducted events starting February! ♥︎

With love,
Doc Lounge HQ