"Help, I know someone with extremist views!" - Exclusive live broadcast

Doc Lounge and Fryshuset invite to an exclusive live broadcast of "Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind", with following panel discussions.

The event "Hjälp, jag känner en med extremistiska åsikter! Vad kan jag göra?" (ENG: "Help, I know someone with extremist views! What can I do?") is created especially for you that has a person around you whom you suspect has violent extremist tendencies. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if it is correct, where to turn and how to handle a person who is on the way, or has already been withdrawn, into an extremist group. What can you do and how do you respond to a person who suddenly stands for opinions you cannot support?

With this in mind, Doc Lounge and Fryshuset are doing an exclusive live broadcast of the documentary "Exit: Leaving Extremism Behind", directed by Karen Winther, with a following panel discussion where the viewers can ask questions and get knowledge about the subject. The event takes place on Thursday, November 28th at 19.30-21.30.

The idea is to create a safe place for you as a relative where you can get knowledge and tools without having to attend a public event. The movie screening with the following panel discussions will be broadcasted online, so you can attend anonymously from home. During and after the film you can also ask questions to the expert panel.

Read more about the event and buy tickets here.
Read more about the film here.

This event is part of the Doc Lounge Impact Hub project. The project brings together award-winning documentary films with leading community experts and started in 2018 in collaboration with Anna Ljungmark (House of Real). Doc Lounge Impact Hub is funded by Svenska Postkodstiftelsen. With Doc Lounge Impact Hub we strive to challenge the perception of what distribution is, and could be in the future. Through extensive outreach and impact work, collaborations between different industries and a specific focus on analysis and evaluation, we want to bring forward documentary films as change-makers in society and be a frontrunner in the field of innovative distribution.  

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