For one night Doc Lounge became Dog Lounge!

We love to reach new groups of audience - this is one of Doc Lounges main goals. When we screened Los Reyes in Malmö feburary we reach a whole new level, our aucience where partly dogs.

Los Reyes is a price winning film about the two dogs, and best friends , Chola and Football who live in a skatepark in Santiago, Chile. A poetic and beatuful movie, filmed from the point of view of the two dogs .

Screening a  film about dogs leaves us no other option than to re-brand ourselves and for one night Doc Lounge Malmö changed name to Dog Lounge. To this special eaving we welcomed dogs of all sizes and shapes, and no less then 15 dogs came to our screening. They where the perfect audience and booth dogs and humans had a great eavning. We hope to make this again - since it was a great sucuess!

Film maker, Olle Enqvist, one of Malmös bigget dog-lovers and also one of Doc Lounge Malmös most regualr vistors, helped us to capture this event on film - so here is a short clip of dogs attending an event for dogs and watching a movie about dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9hSIkeeJ4k

Doc Lounge will host two more screenings of Los reyes, one in Oulu and one more in Malmö as a special screening, open for all at Media Evolution City.