Doc Lounge visit Moscow and takes part in queer festival!

Doc Lounge is collaborating in Civil Right Defender's project Open Art Festival, with the aim to build a culture festival focusing on the rights of HBTQI people. The festival takes place in Moscow this weekend 2nd -  4th of February, and Doc Lounge is present to host an event as a part of the program!

Back in September, Doc Lounge Stockholms Madde Edlund and Fina Sundqvist received visits of the Russian festival team. During a full day workshop, the team was working with Doc Lounge professionals in planning processes, voluntary work, creating safe rooms and working thematically and experimentally. After hours of theory and discussions, the day ended with creative exercises about the main theme: openness! Illustrations and creations shared political, private and very important stories that united the team and highlighted the values ​​of building the festival work.

Doc Lounge is showing the documentary film Oriented at the festival, that is produced in Israel and England (2015). The film have been selected together with the festival board and is described as having a high recognition factor and therefore is very valuable to show. The framing of the movie is done by different themes and activities that link to the film’s artistic expression and the theme of the festival.

During Open Art the guests are invited to the workshop Glitter and Explosions in an unique showroom, where big painting screens and fabrics will be put up to be decorated with lots of glitter. The materials and techniques that will be used during the workshop have all been taken from Oriented, and by letting the audience act out like this the interaction between the audience and the character of the film will be even stronger. 

We are so happy to be a part in this project, and have great hopes for an inspiring weekend in Moscow! Read more about the festival here and keep an eye out for more pictures and reports from our event!