Doc Lounge to work with new doc about Gudrun Schyman

The very much awaited film The Feminist, about the president of Swedish feminist party Gudrun Schyman, will be released in August 2018. At Doc Lounge we are very happy to team up with the film's production company Nordic Factory and take part in the release of the film.

The Feminist (directed by Hampus Linder) is the first film from the Doc Lounge Official Selection for Autumn 2018 and will be shown at various Doc Lounge clubs around the Nordic during August and September. On August 21st a big Doc Lounge Live event will be arranged at Doc Lounge Malmö, where director Hampus Linder and main character Gudrun Schyman will be there for a conversation after the film. This will be the first screening of the film in Malmö with Gudrun present, and the whole event will be live broadcasted to cinemas, libraries and culture houses joining in from all over the country. Of course, the audience at every location will be able to interact with the broadcast and take part in the conversation through social media and SMS. 

The film will also be part of our Doc Lounge Pop Up offer, where external screening partners outside of the official network of Doc Lounge clubs (for example cinemas and libraries as mentioned above) will be able to book the film and host their own events locally, with support from the Doc Lounge brand. 

Find the trailer and more info at our film page. 

For bookings - check out the booking page. 

Press release (in Swedish)