Doc Lounge partner up with Strobemedia

For the last couple of month, we at Doc Lounge have been working on a new project called Doc Lounge Connect. At venues such as libraries or other cultural centers in smaller towns, we will offer a livestreamed version of our events together with our films. That way, people in those communities - that can't make it to an actual Doc Lounge event - will still get to take part of our concept and experience. Social media will play a big part in the project, allowing the remote audience to ask questions and give direct feedback the same way as the physically present audience can.

Now we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with Strobemedia for Doc Lounge Connect. Strobemedia are specialists at capturing stage productions on video - be it livestreaming, filming entire stage plays or putting together trailers. They’ve worked with, amongst others, Moomsteatern, Dansstationen, Teater Barbès and Somatic Noise. Take look at their website to see examples of the beautiful work they’ve done.

We’re looking forward to working with Strobemedia to spread Doc Lounge to brand new audiences!

If you are a venue or organisation who would like to bring Doc Lounge to your community in this way, get in touch.