Doc Lounge opening up in Bergen!

Doc Lounge are happy to keep expanding by now opening up in Bergen in Norway! The very first Doc Lounge event is taking place in Bergen tonight November 7 with the sreening of Dolphin Man. We talked to the team (Hedvig Idås, Maria Pile Svåsand, Håvard Holme, Synnøve Horvei) to hear what we can expect from Doc Lounge in their city. 

What is your vision for the future of Doc Lounge Bergen?
We will work for Doc Lounge to become a new and important arena for documentaries in Bergen. The goal is for more people to discover how fun and inspiring it is to watch movies with others. Doc Lounge Bergen wants to create good, exciting and emotional events – and we hope that Doc Lounge will be something that people feel belongs in Bergen.

Who are you and how did you end up starting up Doc Lounge in Bergen?
We are a group of four that now are launching Doc Lounge in Bergen. All of us have our education in journalism or documentary, and are currently working in the media industry. We all love documentary film - we enjoy watching movies, and then discuss content and form.That is why we were very happy to find that there is a concept where we can share our documentary engagement with others! We visited events in Oslo and Volda, and became eager to create the same good atmosphere here in Bergen.   

What are you looking forward to the most? 
We are looking forward to watching great movies and arrange exciting events. But what we look forward to the most is probably the screenings themselves. Then we will see how the audience responds to the movies and the activities around. It will be exciting to experience the discussions and conversation afterwards - being part of people's experience of the movies.

More info about the premiere event tonight November 7! 

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