Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2019!

We are happy and excited to announce Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2019 - a selection of touching, award winning and eye-opening documentaries with stories from all over the world!

This spring we invite you into the world of the legendary funk queen Betty Davis in the creatively blending documentary Betty - They Say I'm Different, let you follow three young men bond together over skate to escape volatile families in Minding the Gap and presents a heart-connected portrait of Serra Leone during the Ebola outbreak, exposing the complexity of the epidemic and the socio-political turmoil that lies in its wake in Survivors

Meet seven women chefs at the forefront of a “revolution" in The Heat - A Kitchen (R)evolution, hear stories from Australia's highsecurity detention centre where thousands of asylum seekers have been locked away indefinitely in Island Of The Hungry Ghosts and follow the two stray dogs Football and Chola in Los Reyes that have made their home in the oldest skatepark in Santaigo which is full of hurtling skateboards and rowdy teenagers in conflict with an adult world that they reject but are required to enter. 

Exit* introduces you to former violent extremists and to hear their remarkable stories about leaving their extremist movements behind, Sivandivan let's us follow Siv who does a comeback and revenge as an uncompromising royal singer who refused to adapt to the norm of how a female artist should behave and last but not least - we invite you to follow the Swedish RnB artist Leslie Tay in the film Leslie on Fire about dreams and adversities, will power and patience, masculinity norms and the liberating power of creativity.

*Exit will be distributed in Sweden by Doc Lounge and be one out of three films we work with within the Doc Lounge Impact Hub

Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2019:

Betty - They Say I'm Different / Philip Cox / UK, France / 2017 
EXIT: Leaving Extremism Behind / Karen Winther / Norway / 2018
Island Of The Hungry Ghosts / Gabrielle Brady / Germany, UK, Australia / 2018
Leslie on Fire / Stefan Berg / Sweden / 2018
Los Reyes / Ivan Osnovikoff & Bettina Perut / Chile, Germany / 2018
Minding the Gap / Bing Liu / USA / 2018
SIVANDIVAN / Gustav Ahlgren &Emelie Jönsson / Sweden / 2019
Survivors / Arthur Pratt / Sierra Leone / 2018
The Heat - A Kitchen (R)evolution / Maya Gallus / Canada / 2018

As always, our Doc Lounge clubs in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are preparing unique events to accompany these films, including director Q&As, live music, discussions, talks, DJs and all kinds of special happenings! To find out exactly what’s happening in your city, find your local club up in the right corner or see our calendar.

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