Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2018!

We are thrilled to announce Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2018 - a selection of award winning, eye-opening and touching documentaries with stories from all over the world! 

This spring we offer you to feel the female empowerment and learn about trafficking in Even When I Fall, get horrific insights about modern day slavery in A Woman Captured and get to know the tough life as a Russian gymnast in Over The Limit. Join a therapy session in prison in The Work, experience an animated family drama in The Night and take a journey with the aim to save the planet in Little Yellow Boots. To discover the beach life with the Italians hiding from economical crisis in Happy Winter, see how a locked door is the key to history in The Other Side of Everything and to get an honest glimpse in to Greece's right wing party in Golden Dawn Girls. And last but not least - we invite you to follow in the journey of Finlands unique punk band PKN in Punk Voyage, which also is the first film ever to be officially distributed by Doc Lounge! (Read more about the distribution of Punk Voyage in a previous blog post)

Doc Lounge Official Selection Spring 2018: 

Happy Winter / Giovanni Totaro / Italy / 2017
Even When I Fall / Kate McLarnon, Sky Neal / UK / 2017 
Punk Voyage / Jukka Kärkkäinen, J-P Passi / Finland / 2017 
The Other Side of Everything / Mila Turajlic / Serbia, France, Qatar / 2017 
A Woman Captured / Bernadett Tuza-Ritter / Hungary, Germany / 2017 
Golden Dawn Girls / Håvard Bustnes / Norway, Denmark, Finland / 2017 
Over The Limit / Marta Prus / Poland, Germany, Finland / 2017 
The Work / Jairus J. Mc Leary / USA / 2017 
The Night / Steffan Strandberg / Norway / 2017 
Little Yellow Boots / John Webster / Finland / 2017 

As always, our Doc Lounge clubs in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are preparing unique events to accompany these films, including director Q&As, live music, discussions, talks, DJs and all kinds of special happenings! To find out exactly what’s happening in your city, find your local club up in the right corner or see our calendar

Learn more about Doc Lounge Official Selections here! 

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